Singapore Parliamentary Elections, 7 May, 2011 (Updated 11 May)

The Singapore Parliamentary, or General Elections (GE), were held this year on 7 May.

Friends, family, and fellow Singaporeans.

At this GE, I voted for change.

I voted for the poor, the less fortunate, and the underprivileged among us.

I voted for accountability, for responsibility, and for humility.   

I voted for those in despair, for those in fear, and for those wrongly accused.

I voted for our greater humanity, that we may not just look out for ourselves, but also for those around us with hopes, aspirations, and dreams.

I voted for human rights, social justice, and equality.

I voted for the dignity of my fellow citizens, as well as the dignity accorded to us that is our right as human beings.

I voted for Singapore, and for my fellow Singaporeans.


My fellow Singaporeans…what did YOU vote for?


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