(In lieu of me blogging, here’s another post from Jentrified Citizen…)

Jentrified Citizen

In my previous post, I had pointed out the Orwellian signs in the way our country is being governed. And I had asked if the PAP government is stepping up its attempts to mould and align young Singaporeans’ thinking with the government’s doctrines through the  new measures introduced by the Ministry of Education.

Lo and behold, PM Lee Hsien Loong said some things yesterday that confirmed my suspicions and dampened my hopes that he and the other PAP leaders would be able to change to be more open minded.

In his  address to PAP party activists on Saturday, PM basically told them there is no room for any other political party in Singapore except for the PAP.

“If Singapore had a blue constituency and a red constituency, I think Singapore will be in trouble,” he said. This is not the worrying part as one would expect him to use scare…

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