Has Singapore become an Orwellian state with the most emotionless people in the world?

Jentrified Citizen

Singapore has scored a depressing first, as having the most emotionless people in the world according to a Gallup Poll of over 140 countries. The methodology of this poll can be questioned and one should not over generalise based on a small sampling of respondents.But sadly, from the reactions to the poll by locals, it seems that many think there is some truth to this finding.

According to those who wrote to Yahoo News on their reactions to the poll, most said it is too stressful here to have time for emotions. One chap wrote on Yahoo: “We have everything, and yet we have nothing. No one in this country actually lives life to the fullest; we merely exist. To our government, we are nothing more than a statistic.”

What are the possible causes that could have brought about such a dire situation in Singapore? More likely than not it is…

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